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Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Full Circle Players strongly believes that an effective theatrical workplace is one in which artists and technicians with unique and diverse life-experiences are encouraged to form a more creative, innovative, and productive environment. Our company and our stage should not only reflect the community we reside in but encourage a reimagining of what our community could be when we actively diversify the arts to bring forth equity and positive change.


Full Circle Players knows that our willingness to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion is the key ingredient in manifesting how our theater company will achieve relevance and sustainability in our community. We also believe in explicitly showing how our actions reflect our beliefs and taking accountability when we fall short of this. By conducting our company through an anti-racist and color conscious lens, we are committed to providing a platform to underrepresented and marginalized voices while avoiding tokenism and colorblind casting. This commitment will not only be reflected on our stage, but within our board, our creative choices, and our hiring decisions. To ensure this, we will comprise our hiring of at least 50% underrepresented populations. In creating theatre, FCP will bring both classical and new play theatre to our communities while remaining conscious of what stories we bring to our stage.


Full Circle Players acknowledges that accurate representation is only one key aspect amongst many in creating a company driven by anti-racism, color consciousness, and equity. To remain accessible to the community we serve, FCP will always offer an advertised first Thursday show with an option to “pay what you can” to bring theatre to all regardless of income. Furthermore, we will provide discounted tickets to students and $5 rush tickets regardless of ticket price. Our commitment to accessibility extends to providing handicap accessible space, live ASL interpretation, and being conscious that our social media is accessible to all users.  Our company is strongly grounded in community with outreach and education forming the foundation of our values. As our company grows, we plan to provide free Shakespeare in the Park to our surrounding area. We will also support and promote the work of other organizations and charities who share our commitment to equity in theatre.


Because the well-being of our actors and company is also paramount, we will strive towards creating a culture of safety and accountability. This will be shown onstage in our trained intimacy and safety direction and offstage in our zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination or harassment of any kind, Full Circle Players recognizes that building an inclusive community of artists and craftsmen where the diversity of human characteristics, values, temperaments, and attributes are respected is essential. Furthermore, we understand these distinctive idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, attributes, and personality traits can be completely altered by any and all forms of disabilities. Additionally, FCP realizes that these qualities are, and should be, influenced by ethnicity, race, color, country of origin, gender, age, sexual orientation and identification, marital status, religion, beliefs, political affiliations, socio-economic status, and personal experiences. Finally, we not only realize the importance of those qualities, we expect and depend on those qualities to make us more significant to our audience.  This statement will only continue to evolve as we listen to the needs of our community, accept feedback, and commit wholeheartedly to anti-racist rhetoric, actions, and education.

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