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Seeking diverse and inclusive casting for


Full Circle Players Present


Adapted from Sophocles by Rob Crisell

Our final play of the season! 


by Sophocles a new adaptation by Rob Crisell

Stipend $$$ available.

Seeking inclusive, diverse casting 
email us at for an audition appointment.

Prepare a 1 minute classical dramatic monologue.


*By video: accepted until August 25

*On zoom : August 25 7:30 pm - 9pm

*In person at The Box Riverside August 26 9:30a,-4:30 pm Above the food lab3635 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501.

Email: to submit video or ask for an audition time.

REHEARSALS IN RIVERSIDE BEGIN SEPTEMBER 16 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7-10 pm Opens October 26-November 5 at The Box, Riverside.

From the author of Oedipus and Antigone comes a new adaptation by acclaimed writer, Rob Crisell. Set in a post apocalyptic world, the great Greek tragedy, Electra, centers around the grief and mourning of Electra for her father who was murdered by her mother and mother’s lover. Electra’s deep anguish and desire for revenge is like a knot that no one can untie as it grows stronger and stronger with each passing day. just in time for Halloween, comes a gripping story of revenge not to be missed!


Equitable, diverse and inclusive casting.

Electra: protagonist, young, Female/ nonbinary  identifying. 18-26 strong must be able to handle the text  and deep emotional connection and physical movement.

Orestes: brother to Electra, male identifying. young 18-26. Strong must be able to handle text and connection and physical movement. 

Chrysothemis: sister to Electra age 18-25. Female identifying. Has decided to give in to their mother’s rule and goes with the new rules.

Clytemnestra: mother to Electra and Orestes,  female identifying. 35-55, A queen. Strong, regal must be able to handle the text and physical movement.

Aegisthus : lover to Clytemnestra , king - killed Agamemnon

Agamemnon: male identifying 30-60.

Tutor: Teacher and companion to Orestes, open  identifying, 35-80. Must be able to handle text.

The Chorus: 3-6 “Greek women” ( female identifying and non binary) of various ages 18-88- They might be friends from her youth or Community members.  Each has their own personality. 

Attendants: messengers and attendants to other characters. will be part of group scenes and movement. 


Tickets are on sale only $11 for a limited time for Electra now find the link on our website. 

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Full Circle Players is a 501c3 non profit Theatre Company. 

Sides for Electra

Tutor's monologue

Electra and Three Chorus Women


Electra monologue


Electra and Sister


Electra and Mother

Orestes and Electra

Electra, Tutor, Orestes


Electra and Aeg

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