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Vision & Mission Statement

Theatre for All


Full Circle Players has a vision centered on inspiration, collaboration, and creation from artist to audience. We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work as we strive to create world class theatre in Riverside, California, and the world. We bring the best possible version of ourselves to our work, holding ourselves to high artistic, professional, and personal standards. Anchored by an inspired company creating exceptional art, we will be guided by thoughtful resources, stewardship, and a deep commitment to education and audience engagement.

Full Circle Players has a commitment to a mission...


Excellence: We present world class theatre to Riverside, California, and other communities by bringing the best possible version of ourselves to our work, resulting in high artistic, professional, and personal standards.


Inclusion: We include a diversity of people, including but not limited to gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation, physical ability, social class, level of education, ideas and cultures in our work. This enriches our art, our relationships with each other, our audiences, and our community.


Company: We maintain a safe and supportive workplace where we rely on our fellow company members to work toward excellence with trust, respect, compassion, and accountability.


Stewardship: We make wise, efficient, and responsible use of all the resources entrusted to us, sustaining our financial stability and being environmentally conscious while providing quality productions.


Enduring: We pledge to adapt to the ever-changing world continuously providing an outlet for artistic expression.


Equity in Access: We strive to bring great theatre to all who wish to experience it. We believe that everyone who wishes to should have access to great theatre, whether as an artist or as an audience member. We have many programs in place, including a  commitment to providing free Shakespeare in community parks every year. Also, we provide “Pay what you Can Nights” on the first Thursday of every production. We also provide 5at5 ($5 tickets at 5 minutes to curtain) for available seats at every performance to allow anyone who wishes to see our productions at low cost. Additionally, we provide free virtual programming for patrons including A Very Dickens Christmas Carol Radio Play and other virtual programming, all made available at no cost to the viewer. Finally, we provide scholarships for our educational theatre department allowing students of theatre from all social incomes access to exceptional theatre learning experiences.

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