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Season of Discovery

Purchase Season Tickets for: SEASON OF DISCOVERY

What you get:

1. Front row ticket for Electra on available date of choice.

2. Free chair rental at our free Shakespeare in the Communities events, featuring Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.

3. Commemorative magnet to be picked up at the box office.


Purchase tickets, $35 each, here or use the QR code.

For more information,  please email

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Upcoming Performances

Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare


Plays in various locations July 2023 — see more

Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy tells the story of two sets of identical twins who were accidentally separated at birth and end up in the town of Syracuse unknowingly together. When the Syracusans encounter the friends and families of their twins, a series of wild mishaps based on mistaken identities lead to wrongful attacks, a near-seduction, an arrest, and false accusations.

Electra by Sophocles adapted by Rob Crisell

Plays October 2023 — see more

In this new version of the play reimagined by Rob Crisell, Electra is set in the city of Argos a few years after the Trojan War and tells of a bitter struggle for justice by Electra and her brother Orestes for the murder of their father, Agamemnon, by Clytemnestra and their stepfather, Aegisthus.

Support our theatrical events

As a not-for-profit arts and community organization, charitable contributions are vital to our mission of producing world-class theater while serving Riverside and the Inland Empire. With your support, we aim to bring William Shakespeare for free to the parks in the Inland Empire in the summers.

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