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William Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor

Performed October 7 to 17, 2021

Full Circle Players presented William Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor at The Box Theatre from October 7 to 17, 2021, with an outstanding, talented, and diverse cast and crew. Merry Wives of Windsor was our first full production since the COVID-19 shut downs and safer-at-home mandates, and we are thankful to everyone involved who dedicated their time, energy, and efforts to not only create an amazing production, but a safe one as well.

Click below to download the complete Merry Wives of Windsor playbill.

Download PDF • 503KB

Cast of Characters

  • Rebecca Reber as Mrs. Alice Ford

  • Janette Valenzo as Mrs. Meg Page

  • J Kay Weldon as Mr. Frank Ford

  • Jason Crewes as Mr. George Page

  • Kit Fugrad as Falstaff

  • Bridget Rivera as Anne Page/Nym

  • Adam McMorris as Fenton/Pistol/John

  • Jared Sandoval as Dr. Caius

  • Jeremy Mercado as Slender

  • Valerie Lopez as Mistress Quickly

  • Macy Weinfurter as Pastor Gwen Evans

  • Elise De Anda as Robin Jane Rugby

  • Sarah Gibbon as That Girl!

  • Ford Children: Nora and Nadea

  • Page Children: Ally and Jordan


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Promotional Material

A sample of our promotional material for William Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor used on social media platforms.


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