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Euripides' Electra

Performed October 2020

Just before COVID-19, Full Circle Players commissioned an adaption of Electra with the intention of performing it in October 2020 at The Box Theatre. We met for our first reading with an awesome group of actors and then due to COVID-19 we had to move the staged reading to the Zoom platform.

With perseverance and heart, Full Circle Players performed Electra by Euripides adapted for the stage by Rob Crisell while safer at home via Zoom.

Cast of Characters

  • Cynthia Navarro as Electra

  • Jared Sandoval as Orestes

  • Rebecca Steir Reberer as Clyteninestra

  • Eric Dunn as Aegisthus

  • Macy Weinfuter as Chrysothemis

  • Sarah Kristen Gibbon as Chorus 1

  • Valerie Lopez as Chorus 2

  • Elise De Anda as Chorus 3

  • Esther Sequeira as Narrator/AD


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